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Thread: .375 h&h for UK quarry

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    .375 h&h for UK quarry

    D&G are being sticky on letting me shoot any uk quarry with .375 h&h because it is too powerful although I can homeload a 200gr deer legal round delivering as little as 2775 ft/lb's @ 2500fps.

    I can zero but not shoot the reds or sika on my property but the guidelines say:

    13.35 ........'Calibres such as
    the .375 (9.5mm) are at the lower end of
    those suitable for shooting “dangerous game”
    but may, once initial “good reason” has been
    established, also be used for shooting the
    larger deer species in Britain. Expanding
    ammunition may also be authorised for an
    applicant whose certificate allows for the rifle
    also to be used for shooting deer in Britain.'

    Who knows of people with a .375 h&h that can shoot deer/boar etc?

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    I have held a 375H&H rifle for about 20 years or there abouts. I have permission to take all species of deer and boar with it on my licence. Never have used it in anger in the UK, apart from on the range, but have used it abroad on numerous occassions. I fail to see why you cannot use it in the UK for deer and especially boar, as there is no maximum calibre to my knowledge under home office guidlines, but this may have changed.


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    I totally agree but unfortunately the position of the head of firearms and his opinion is that the calibre is too much for UK quarry and end of story despite my reasoning. He also told me that within the region only 3 other shooters possess a .375 h&h and NONE of them are authorised to use the caliber for UK game. This is a little sad really.

    His case is based on the idea that because I have a .308 there is no need to then use the .375 h&h in the UK which is too big in any case. It is fine for abroad and 'Europe' but not here. Because I have reds/sika the caliber would be an aid to culling within rides to minimise runners that could be lost or difficult to extract from thick establishing sitka. Over open ground though the .308 would be my first choice. What's your region?

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    8000 acres in Sutherland Scotland, 2,700 acres in West Sussex and 600 acres in Dorset are the three main areas I have. But with an open ticket I can use it where ever I think fit. I would personally make a written approach to your head of FA dept and ask why this stance is being taken as you do not agree with the decision and there are no maximum calibres for deer.



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    Nice one, will get on it!

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    Paul, I will check with my mate i think he has one passed for deer in uk he is in noth yorkshire all the best

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    Hi - I can use my .375 for deer & vermin on my open ticket.

    Perhaps a little lesson in trajectory would help allay their fears? Some people may thing the bigger the calibre, the further it shoots....

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    Hi - I have .375H&H on my FAC for Sport Abroad, Zeroing and for Deer Stalking in the UK. I have an 'Open' certificate with land to shoot over in North Yorkshire and Scotland. My Licensing Authority is North Yorkshire.
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    Unforunately, even explaining that as a home loader I can lower the velocity of a 200 gr bullet to 2500 and achieve 2775 ft/lb's which is deer legal and of roughly the same energy as my .308 had no merit with him. He simply is not interested in allowing the calibre for UK quarry based on his personal feelings.

    I feel a little sad that this is case as the rifle would really benefit the culling work from high seats looking down the rides. At least though it will see game in Europe.

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    big brother is watching

    The guidelines are set for your force area ,you'll have to except that as fact .
    You have been granted the leave to purchase and use a 375 H&H for use outside the country,
    As have most that have been granted that caliber of weapon for the purpose that it is meant for "large game" , the force has no interest in whether you own a forest or excessive amounts of land to use such a weapon it does not come under the guidelines for Scotland .

    If it had been within the guidelines for UK quarry species it would be common place it isn't get use to that .

    Once you have it do what you want with it ,"tell no one", but the way your putting it across on here Hmmm, all these sites are monitored by whoever you end up with nothing don't be opinionated on these sites the can get you hung very easily as everyone knows what police force area you come from, you may think that is sad but its true .

    When you make too much noise about something, to the wrong people, they don't like it much, retribution can be all the satisfaction the some people require, you'll then be found to be a unsuitable person to hold a FAC and you'll have nothing 250+ miles to watch trees growing is a bit much .

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