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Thread: How to stop badgers digging?????

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    How to stop badgers digging?????

    I have just received a text from a lady who owns land that I shoot on. By all acounts she wants me to stop at the house and have a chat with her about a problem that is developing. (I was thinking of going up there for a walkabout this evening anyway)
    By all accounts there is something that (In her words) has started diggingquite a big hole near her house. She also says that she filled it in yesterday but it was dug out again this morning.
    I haven't seen it yet but I believe that it could be a badger as there are a few around this property (Which I haven't made any attempt to touch for obvious legal reasons)
    If I do find that it is the start of a badger digging I believe that I would be legal to do something about it before it becomes an "active badger set". If I am right my thoughts would be to put some cloth sacking soaked with creosote into the beginning of this hole and then fill it in and cover it with another layer of sacking soaked in creosote.
    Am I right in thinking that by doing this before it becomes an "active set" I would not be falling fould of the law regarding badgers and their protected status please?
    If not then what would others suggest in order to stop "Old Brock" from trying to set up his new home here?

    Please note: I am only interested in any FULLY LEGAL suggestions guys!

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    dig for you life and infill with chain link fence? that's what the brock watch group did for a pal of mine when one destroyed his garden and fish pond by digging under it ? first call was me NO??? THE Next was a £5K FIX and dead fish still they are lovely to watch !!

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    "How to stop a bear shitting in the woods!"

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    I stopped them digging in a garden by putting an single strand electric fence round where they were digging. Only had it a few inches off the ground, they didn't come back after a couple of nights.

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    My view is that you are correct in your assertion of a new partial hole not being an active sett. I think Ranger has the simplest idea well described - be it run off a car battery or the mains....... Exclusion from an area is not illegal.
    Nooooooooooooobody expects the Spanish Inquisition!! Our main weapon is.........

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    Thanks for the advice guys. Obviously I want to stay within the law so an "exclusion exercise" seems the way to go. I suspect that the owner might well have an electric fence unit that is not in use. I'm off up there shortly to assess the situation so I will be able to give an update of the exact situation later on.

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    As far as I know using creosote as a fumigant is out side of product label its a wood preservative not sure how wrong it is but I wouldn't put it near any animal hole. fence definitely the way to go

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    Hide the shovel? Ok. Off now!

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    OK, I've been up and "assessed" the situation. It is definitely badger(s)! It only took me a couple of minutes to find the run that the badger(s) use to access the place and exactly where it/they are getting under the fence and the place that it/they are now using as a latrine. The hole is in a bankment of shaley ground directly behind a greenhouse and just 15 yards from the owners front door. The badger is gaining access from the fields behind the property and pushing their way under a sheep wire fence (There is badger fur caught on the bottom of the fencing so there is no doubt about the "access point"). It has been agreed that the bottom of the sheep wire fence needs reinforcing with wooden planks heavily treated with a good strong (Legal) wood preservative. These wooden planks are going to be painted with plenty of the wood preservative on the banking just behind the greenhouse (Directly above where the hole is starting to develop) and there is a very good chance that there will be a heck of a lot of "accidental splashes all around" while treating the planks with two or three heavy coats of preservative!
    A few days will hopefully tell us if this has worked and if not then other methods of exclusing/deterant might have to be thought about!
    Thanks for the advice guys!

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