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Thread: Response over HMR demise

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    Response over HMR demise

    Has there been any official response or acknowledgement from Hornady or the like on the publics clear and apparent dissatisfaction with the HMR?
    In the early days it was hard to fault the little round but it xis ever more apparent that it is not only I that now finds it a love/hate relationship and sometimes its at outright pain in the proverbial!
    Set aside the occasional split neck issue, consistant accuraccy seems to have tailed off too (thats the round not a specific rifle i refer to).
    I think it is still the best tool for the serious rabbit shooter but has anyone in "the know" heard if they have (or plan to) responded to what must be an ever increasingly frustrated customer base?

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    was the best rabbit tool,i have bought and sold many hmr 2 of which where anschutz and ammo is so inconsistant i will never own another .i would rather pay more per pop and run a hornet .17 and reload.

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    I won't be parting with mine, serves my needs perfectly.

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    Cant comment on final comment, but i just bought a HMR quad barrel and gave it a test run tonight on rabbits. out of about 20 shots i had two complete mis fires, primer popped, powder not burnt, bullet travelled in to the breach!.
    i had one that went pop then bang milli seconds later which did leave the barrel.

    plenty of split cases to which was similar to my Mach 2 barrel.

    The mis fires that lodge the bullet in the barrel are the biggest pain in the arse and if it wasn't for thinking of a way to clear it without a cleaning rod, it would mean packing up from the rabbits right away. annoying!

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    had a .17. i found it great with the first slab of 500 i baught but after that no matter what make of ammo i baught i could not get it to group half as well. couldnt have been the rifle as when i went back to a coupple of the older boxes accuracy was spot on. have since sold it and gone over to a .22 and with rws subs its a dream to use. much quieter as well.

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    Personally,on what is too far to reach with the .22lr I use the .222 on. .222 although accurate/effective is not fashionable(so guns can be bought cheaply) but is generally not fussy to reload accurately for. .17 HMR would be much more attractive if you could be sure of consistent ammo.

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    Is the ammo still all only made at one factory? That just can't be good for competition. Where's the incentive to make it better. Or even maintain standards?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pedro View Post
    Is the ammo still all only made at one factory? That just can't be good for competition. Where's the incentive to make it better. Or even maintain standards?
    Jesus! What makes you think CCI/Hornady wants COMPETITION??? They absolutely do not. This way they can make it any way they choose, to any QC standards, and people will continue to buy it. Winchester had started making it but i'm not sure that has continued in light of the 17 WSM and some of it's problems. Right now the sale price of a box of 50, 17HMR is the same as a box of 50, (quality) 22LR. They keep making it as fast as possible. Any US store that sells ammo has HMR but some haven't seen 22LR for a very long time.~Muir

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    I have got totaly fed up with the hmr the quality of the ammo is just rubish what with split cases,inconsistant accuracy, and just recently have had a it a few times were there has been a delay between the firing pin striking the round and the round going of have gone back to useing the 22rf mostly the 17 hornet is looking very atractive as a replacement and haveing recently tried one I was very impressed can see a variation comeing up very shortly

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    Got shot of mine years ago, initially a real tack driving set up, perfect for my intended use,........ then the ammunition quality went out the window, utter sh*te!
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