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    Tanning Kit

    Anyone know where I can get a kit of sorts that is suitable for a boar hide, Ive used K-Tan brush on in the distant past, so something along those lines would do.

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    I've got some white tan I have no use for if its of interest, pm me

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    Skins like that need to be sent out for tan.
    But for home tan then use Alum and lots of degreaser.

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    I have used Alum in the past for Badger Skins when it was legal, but things like brush on KTan make it easier and a better job all round.
    I would normaly have skins tanned in the country of origin, but this one came home with me for a reason and its rather special to me and I wish to tan it myself.

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    Brush on is junk, you need a real tan like alum/lutan.
    and your going to have fun trying to degrease pig.
    good luck.

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    I have a K-Tan kit I haven't used, pm me your address and I will send it to you.

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    PMS sent thank you

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