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Thread: Tikka M595.. any known problems?

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    Tikka M595.. any known problems?

    I have access to a Tikka m595 stainless in 22-250.

    After hearing that this is one of the few rifles with a magazine that has little trouble feeding the 6BR, I am quite interessted in purchasing it. However, I am a bit reluctant as the spare parts of this rifle is drying up.

    To those of you who have owned them for several years, should I be worried that either the magasines or bottom metal will give up on me? You know, it`s "plastic"

    Should I purchase a spare?

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    Hi Northman,

    I have a 595 in stainless laminate .243 have had it from new around 15 years and have put many a round through it never had a problem still shoots as true as it was new

    cheers Paul D

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    "Tikka M595.. any known problems?"

    Yes they stopped making them, that's the only known problem with a 595.
    It's the calibre of the shooter that counts not the calibre of the rifle.

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    My 308 cloverleafs. Best rifle I have bought. If I were to buy another rifle in a different caliber I would go out of my way to buy another. I have never had problems with mine

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    Buy it, you wont be disappointed. If i ever think about another rifle in different calibre that will be the first gun i will look for. Id travel a good distance too get one. Brilliant, much btr feel than the new T3 in my opinion. Thats what made me choose it to begin with.
    Always think before you pull that trigger.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 8x57 View Post
    "Tikka M595.. any known problems?"

    Yes they stopped making them, that's the only known problem with a 595.
    Ain't that the truth!

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    Had a few over the years,
    243.6mmbr x2 20 tac x1. 222 x1.

    And as said, the only problem is they don't make them anymore,

    Still have 2 in 6br and the new 20 tac,

    Very happy with them both and the out shoot me,

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    I've not had any problems getting spare parts for mine... but take care of the feed lips of the 5-shot magazines since the fit between the magazine and the action is quite critical and any deformation will prevent the magazine locking in when the bolt is closed.

    Also, the bolt stop assembly is a lever, backed by a spring and pivoting on a pin. When you remove the stock the pin will sometimes make a bid for freedom, taking refuge in some nook or cranny of the gun room.

    I once made the mistake of removing the stock in the field to clear some dirt that had got into the rifle and lost the entire bolt stop assembly in the long grass. Fortunately GMK can supply replacements at reasonable cost.

    There are some after-market bits available too (bolt handles and shrouds & metal "bottom metal"), but none are essential.
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    Hi had one 22-250 for around 10 years, wish I never sold it never had any problems with it.

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    I have had my SS .222R for some 15years - nowt gone wrong in that time. Tweaked it with a SS bolt shroud, still carrys and shoots just fine for me.
    I would take another without hesitation - ditto on the shame not made anymore.


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