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Thread: .22LR Sako Finnfire P94S

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    .22LR Sako Finnfire P94S

    Hi there, I am selling my original Sako Finnfire .22LR P94S Hunter as I have the varmint version and one needs to go.
    It's in very good condition, very accurate and comes with a Nikko Gold Crown 4-12X50 Wide Angle, sound moderator and 5 shot magazine (I may throw in a 9 shot). It s not sighted in with the Nikko scope.
    Price 565 or 595 with the 9 shot mag
    Happy to do face to face or RFD at cost - 15
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    This wont hang around long cracking looking Rifle.

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    Pm sent regarding the 9 shot mag.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Petecannon View Post
    You must be joking !
    Give it a few days and once it is seen by the right person this will fly at the price you are asking.
    These original Finfires are the dogs danglies.
    I sold one last year and had no end of enquiries, could have sold it twice over.

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    Just what I am looking for, trying to sell my Fac theoben rapid 12 mk11 , if this sells fast enough I will be in touch.

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