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Thread: How many times?

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    How many times?

    How many times do you guys reload your cases? Do you neck size so many times and then fully resize? or do just keep an eye open for signs of wear.


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    reloads will be another "own load thing", same as a particular rifle likes one load over another, if you use a case over & over with neck sizing only, eventually you will need a full resize session to push back the shoulder & put the case back to original spec. Most reloaders are using neck size for around five shots.
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    I full length resize every time with the objective of bumping the shoulder back 2-3 thou. Have just finished prepping some Remington brass (260) this evening that is ready for its sixth firing. When I primed this brass for firing number five, I found a couple of primers just slipped in with minimal effort, so these cases were marked and binned after firing. I guess this brass is coming to the end of its useful life for me, but I was a beginner when I started on it. I have some brand new brass that I have just started to work with. I hope I will get more firings out of it, but it will be some time before I know the answer to that question.

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    I presume you loose the avantages of fire formed brass when you full length resize

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    I am not sure, depends on the brass I think, I full length size every time, some binned after 5 reloads , some been loaded 12 times and still OK

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    I reload full length size new brass and reload say 9 times but neck size after the initial full length sizing.Then for the tenth reload I anneal the necks and full length size and trim , then go on to neck sizing again and havent had any problems. From what ive seen and heard to many people bin good brass that just needed anealing, brass is very easy to 'work harden' just like copper as I remember from my plumbing days. At the end of the day if you research on the net and utube you will see tips on how to spot when brass may be about to fail or is suspect and remember that alot of new brass is pretty rubbish, I had a few lake city (fed) cases split at the necks as they hadnt been annealed properly and they were brand new never fired.

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    Surely the make of brass comes into it as well?
    I'd expect Sako/Lapua to last longer than PPU or cheaper brands...

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    Yes of course the brass comes into it, as does age (as brass degrades with and becomes spongey...thats an extreme though, but common in plumbing ) . Im pretty new to reloading but have a knowledge of certain metals from when I was a plumber and yes better should mean longer lasting but just remember to look for the signs of failure...there are some exellent tips on utube... if I recall ammosmith was the guy who did some really good stuff..certainly made me spot a couple of warning signs when ive reloded.

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