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Thread: summer boar

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    summer boar

    Hi All

    Had a nice little boar last night and thought I'd share the experience.

    I know some don't agree with some of our high tech methods for boar culling preferring the more traditional method of moonlight.

    I thought I would share this just to show how efficient using tech can be, your not necessarily going to shoot more boar but selecting the right animal to take with no risk of taking the wrong animal.

    We have used trail cams on our feeding areas for the last year and have monitored the local boar population and learn't a hell of a lot without trying very hard to shoot many. On one feed area for the last two weeks we have two females with ten young turning up mostly in the early hours, and a young male turning up on dusk as the auto feeder kicks in.

    last night we decided to sit for him as he was visiting regular enough to set your watch by him. Spot on he arrived but was a bit nervous to walk into the open area as it was still a bit light. He disappeared into the thick cover for a while although the reassuring crack of stick every now and then told us he was still there.
    A couple of minutes later the feeder spun its maize out and not long after a shadow appeared at the edge of the clearing. Only problem was the light was now failing fast I was sure it was the young male but was not going to shoot unless I was 100% sure. I picked up my Atn ps22 Night vision and slid it on the front of my scope a quick fiddle with the focus and I could see instantly it was the young male, a quick thumbs up to Andy how he didn't **** himself when I pulled the trigger, wait a couple of seconds for him to turn broadside and squeezed the trigger. He a made a short dash and crashed to the ground with no drama.

    Don't get me wrong I've shot boar under the moon in the UK, Germany and Holland and its great fun but I feel much happier knowing exactly which animal I am taking and having plenty of time to take a unrushed shot when the animal is stood correctly which is really difficult in bad light.

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    Well done Wayne

    there's a few good bbq's on him!

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    The meat will be very good, I like sitting in high seat in the summer waiting for boar, normally warm and very peaceful.
    Don't worry about the numbers there will be plenty left. When you see how the Germans hammer them on boar drives and on the moon light and there are still loads left there.
    Personally I think soon we will need to have boar drives just to keep the population down.
    It will be interesting telling some FLO'S you want to stand hunters on flat ground and get another bunch of people to push a load of wild pigs towards them to be shot.
    Victory goes to the player who makes the next-to-last mistake..

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    Good result Wayne , i stop feeding my stations in the summer just to have a break from running around filling up feeders , changing batteries etc but its been good seeing a few on outings for deer.
    Thats a good size for eating you have there
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    How does the ATN PS-22 attach to your scope?
    "If you can't see it, you can't shoot it"

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    great result Wayne, nothing wrong with using the right gear to do the job in my book mate. that should be all the burgers and sausage`s sorted for the summer BBQs now.
    I wish I was half the hunter my dog thinks I am

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    spot on! good job

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    Nice write up Wayne; you have a way of doing things very few people could find fault with!

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    ooo nice one, I do luv piggies
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    Quote Originally Posted by Solwaystalker View Post
    Good result Wayne , i stop feeding my stations in the summer just to have a break from running around filling up feeders , changing batteries etc but its been good seeing a few on outings for deer.
    Thats a good size for eating you have there

    Cheers Colin,

    first time we have tried keeping them running, takes quite a while to get them into a routine unless we have hard weather so its a bit of an experiment really, we will see.

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