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    Screw Cutting

    i have decided that after i get my new scope on my rifle i am going to get it screw cut for a mod. buy a mod and get it proofed. how much does it cost to get a screw cut? what are the best moderators to get for 200 and how much is proofing and how long does it take? whats the procedure?
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    Hi Teddy, I have posted this before, most moddies are a bit over 200 but these two that I rate are both under that.

    First is a Jager Sporting Arms Ranger. The body etc are made from aircraft grade 7575 series alloy with stainless steel used for the primary blast baffles and the insert were it screws on to the barrel, it is a reflex/over barrel design. For only 175 they have got to be worth a look.

    This is the front mounted one that I use.

    It is an A-Tec CMM, the baffles can be added or removed for differing situations, when set up for my 243 it only weighs in at 385gms, not bad money at 195.

    Screw cutting could cost from as little as 35 to well 100 depending were you go.



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    + 1 on the moderator selection, both work very well.

    Screwcut would be circa 40

    The last rifles I sent for proof cost 90 for two (including two sets of carriage) - this was yesterday.

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