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Thread: For sale at h4h shoot bullets powder etc

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    For sale at h4h shoot bullets powder etc

    just a heads up list I will be taking to put on the for sale table at h4h shoot
    this sat at bisley

    powder Hodgson 4895
    Hodgson h335
    Hodgson cfe 223
    Imr 3031
    75 7mm Sierra pro hunter 140 grain spritzer
    15 7mm Sierra pro hunter 120 grain spritzer
    new box Hornady 6mm 87 grain bthp
    new box nosler ballistic tip 7mm 140 grain spitzer

    rear monopod rest
    Rcbs 505 beam scale
    Rcbs powder thrower

    Regards pete

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    hmm a Rear rest I may be on your case for that one feller depends on how it fits .
    also taking .30 cal 150 pro- hunters x 500
    some 6.5 bullets none fac foc but small award to h4h
    n140 3kg
    could do with some R25 If any one is has some going .
    also got two tubs new H4895
    part used A 15 OZ tub of H414
    lots of other stuff
    like a jnr mac 12 gage reloader job .
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    Quote Originally Posted by paul o' View Post
    n140 3kg
    Hello Paul. Is that three lots of 1kg, or the full family-sized pack?

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    I've got a few goodies with me too if anyone wants to raid thier piggy banks before they come down...

    1 x tub vhit n135
    1 x tub vhit n150
    1 x tub rl15
    1 x tub bl-c(2)
    4.5 boxes (I. E. 90 rds) fed Powershok 308 150gn
    1.5 boxes (80 approx) Barnes TTSX 125gn 308
    1.8 boxes (90 approx) nosler partition 150gn 308
    Bino pac bino harness xl size (God for swarovski rf sort of size)
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