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Thread: Leica Geovid Neck strap fitting

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    Leica Geovid Neck strap fitting

    I have got my new set of Leica Geovids but can't for the life of me work out how to fit the neck strap.
    The instructions in the manual are very brief and the diagram is not very helpful.
    It says that if you want to attach the lens cover to the strap, this must be done first before the strap is fitted to tHe binocular.
    Well can't fathom out how to do that bit.
    If anyone who recently bought a set can get I touch to give me some advice it would be really helpful.
    Yours, really frustrated.

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    Take the loose end of the strap and feed it back through the buckle until you have a free end with the buckle on a single thickness part way up the strap. Pass the loose end through the slot on the rain cover then through the loop on the left side of the bins. Pass the free end of the strap into the hole at the bottom of the buckle and back out the top hole. You will probably need to pull a loop of the strap through the buckle to let you do this. Once the loose end is through snug the straps into the buckle. Repeat on the other side. PM me your email address if pictures would help

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    Thank you for your reply. PM sent.

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