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Thread: Hi, an introduction.

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    Hi, an introduction.

    Hi everyone, I am in the process of putting in a firearms variation for a .308 and a .233, with a view to doing some deer stalking in the future.
    I am 59, currently off work sick having had a triple heart bypass in December last year. When back at work I am office manager for a small double glazing firm in Chard, I have been there 15 years.
    Before that I was in the RAF for 26 1/2 years as an Aircraft Engine fitter.
    I have had a .22 rimfire and a .17 HMR for a couple of years and a shotgun for many years.
    I am looking forward to doing the DSC 1 in the not to distant future and hope that by joining this group I will be able to glean some useful hints and tips for the future.
    Regards Mike.

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    Welcome to the site Mike. Hope you get better from the bypass soon! Whilst your recovering you should find lots of interesting posts and articles on here.

    Cheers John

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    Hello and welcome along Mike

    Hope you are back to full fitness soon.

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    Welcom to the site Mike

    Certainly plenty of sound advice available on this site to help in your future stalking career

    ATB Muz

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