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Thread: my first highseat feedback wanted

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    my first highseat feedback wanted

    hi i have just started my own highseat and need to fit the two seats which wont take long . the front rail will be ajustable for the rifle but unlike most highseats you climb up the outside and then turn to sit on the seat after talking with john who i stalk with he said it might be better to climb the inside so here is my design its 3.1 mtrs to the base of the platform thanks,wayneClick image for larger version. 

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    Very nice top marks for effort and finish,your boss obvibously has a week off!!!

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    thanks for the reply no i am the foreman so stayed back tonight to build it all the best,wayne

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    there's another thread about vehicle camouflage, why not cam up the forklift, and take one + small garden shed (with four windows) + armchair + primus stove, nice and warm, rain proof, fresh coffee, transport in/out and easy carcass extraction

    seriously tho, looking at yours compared to my home-build I know which I'd rather spend a blustery morning up (and it ain't mine ).

    looks great, can you fit 2 people up there?... edit - ah it says 2 seats!

    How will you treat/coat the metal?

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    hi stig i was going to get a price on galv dip but the other option is an enamel paint we use at work is very tough on the steel side i have used 50mmx 8mm flat and 20mm round bar for the ladder so should last a lifetime even with paint .

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    Good effort! Well impressed with that. How long did it take? Just need seats, an umbrella stand and flask holder

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    It looks a bit deep, will you be able to go from leaning against the back rest to leaning on the front rifle rest without having to shuffle your bum forwards?

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    Well done Wayne, top Job! If you saw some of our first homemade efforts with tubular metal 'village hall' type chairs..............



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    Looks like a good effort, a few things ive noticed - these are not criticisms,

    1, Weight - looks heavy without any seating, flooring - is it portable, easy to erect?

    2, Floor, I guess you intend to put in trap door, or have the seat set midway so the rails can be used (it does look a bit deep as others pointed out)

    3, noise - some pipe wrap will deaden the metallic clangs - (I realise it is not finished in the pics)

    4, cannot see if its been done, but some rings on the upper end of the ladder to atach ratchet straps (for the tree) would help.

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    We have made up over 50 seats and have made a few mistakes. We use 25X3mm box apart from the treads which are 10mm round bar. We fix ours to trees with chain and roofing hook bolts. Having it so deep it may encroach into crops when it is erected. I do not like trap doors as they make a noise when entering and also if you turn in the seat. Due to the depth you will need a plank of wood for the butt of your rifle to rest on when taking a long shot. Also so you will need a floor plate on the bottom of the ladder else it will keep sinking into the ground. Having said that not a bad try for the first one you are almost there.
    Paul GAP180

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