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Thread: .243 suplus ammunition Lothian & Borders

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    .243 suplus ammunition Lothian & Borders

    I have been experimenting with different factory rounds to find what works with my Sako 75 .243 & now find I have a surplus.

    RWS 100gr soft-point 20 (unopened box)
    RWS 96gr cone-point 8
    Norma 100gr sp 17
    Hornady 95gr SST 17 Now sold
    Federal 100gr sp 17
    Rem. 95gr Accutip 3
    Norma 58gr v-max 4

    These are available at cost price less 10%. (i.e. 17 Norma 100g 35 less 10% =31.50, divide by 20, multiply by 17 to give a total of 26.78), or you're welcome to make an offer.

    All this ammunition has been purchased this year & stored in a safe in a house at a fairly constant temperature.

    The more interesting alternative if you are wanting to experiment with different ammunition would be to meet me at Braidwood for a session in the pipe range & just pay for what you use per bullet. Then I can also add in Sako 100gr Gameheads & Federal 80gr soft points as these are what I've found works for me.
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    I'm expecting to be at Braidwood Tuesday lunchtime if that's of any use to anyone.

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    I'll take the Hornady 95grs!

    Assume they're the superformance flavour?

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    They are & I'll put them aside for you. I'm in Edinburgh tomorrow a.m. then Braidwood p.m if either of these suit for an exchange.

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