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Thread: Roedale precision - warning

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    Roedale precision - warning

    Hy guys.
    Please understand thas this thread isnt contribution to already bad reputation of this guy and his Company ;it is our duty to warn all other fellow shooters and posible victoms of Peter Lincoln and Roedale Precision company.

    In March 2013. We orderd two rifles from Roedale Precision ; one was Howa brreled action without stock and the other was Avenger II barreled action with AICS 2.0 stock both in 6.5 x47 Lapua caliber.
    The first rifle was for the friend of mine and the second one was for me . Both of us are ex military war veterans and competition shooters. The reason why We choose mr. Lincoln was because We heard that He spent some time in the Army
    Total price was 6.500,00 Eur and delivery time was 6-8 weeks after the barrels arrive from Lothar Walter company . The barrels came after 12 weeks so total time should have been 20 weeks or 5 months.
    We payed 3.000,00 Eur deposit and helped him with importing parts ( that had needed to be installed on this rifles) so We can save His time. We bought , imported and shipped to him spare parts for 850.00 euros. ( 2 Badger thruster brakes, 1 set of AI side pannels ,1x Surgeon butt plate , Accushot BTO8 monopod etc ...)
    All the custom work on Avenger II rifle was to fitt the anschutz trigger , Budger thruster brake and Surgeon tactical bolt knob)
    Alltogether 7.350,00 eur or ( at that time 2013. ) 9.900,00 $.
    We were patience for 12 months after that problems started !
    Week after week ; moth after month We called this company and Peter ensured Us the the rifles are nearly finished .
    Finnaly after 17 months He informed Us that the rifles are finished ,and asked Us topay the rest of the total 6.500,00 eur price . We made that payment.
    In December 2014, (20 months after) We started to be really concerned , he started arguing with Us on the phone and we informed Him that We will come to His workshop to check what is going on.
    He started swearing to Us and hung up the phone.
    Next day his employee Scott contacted us and apologize for His boss behavior ; explaining that he has some serius health problems ,too much work , too many phone calls ..... etc A 4 sheet of all the same excuses that You can find reading the forums posts related to Roedale Precision in the past ...
    We found out that the work on our rifles isnt even started !!!!
    He begged for litlle more time and promised that We are no. 1 priority to them.
    after that there were problems with the installing trigger , currier delivery time , IWA show... .

    After 24 months , Peter Lincoln informed us: that the delivery time is 36 months , that some customers even wait for 5 years ; and are very happy because of his brilliant gunsmithing craftsmanship and that He cant do anything about it !!!!

    In may 2015. We droved to his workshop in Hasbergen ,Germany to finaly meet this guy . It was back-and-forth ; 3.400 km . trip .
    The friend who ordered the second rifle is three times wounded war veteran , who can barely stand driving that long .

    When We arrived We saw the van parked outside the workshop .The guy was moving .
    We came inside , all the place was in chaos . when He finaly recnognized Us he started to be nervous.
    He told Us that one rifle is at proof house in Koln and for the other rifle he will return the money ,
    butt he doesent have the money right away because he had flood in his store.
    All the time he couldnt look us in the eyes .

    When we asked to give Us some proof of of this or we will call the police .He refused .

    We called the cops. German Police came and made a report about all that . After that thay forced Him to wrote down and verifie the document - statement in wich he commit that He will deliver one rifle and return the rest of the money in next two weeks(before 17 June 2015).

    We requested to give Us back the parts that we imported and sent to him ; he refused.

    That date has expired and He crossed us one more time.

    After 27 months of waiting , missed championships , huderds of international phone calls , probaly 20 statements that the rifles are finished , hundred e-mails , and thousands of lies,

    We ended up Ripped Off for almost 10.000 $

    I know that many of you wont bealive what We have been throuh!

    Peter will probably write down fiew dozens of lyric sheets explaining his reasons .
    Butt please take note of this:

    The guy is obviously patological liar and because of that He is dangerus !
    Basicly : He takes the money from new custemers ( promising them 6-8 weeks delivery time ) with that money He service his business and the old customers that are already waiting for couple of years ;than delays those new customers for next couple of years . All that He once did in UK and now He is doing it in Germany .

    I hope German people will not tolerate this kind of criminal behavior on their ground.

    We sold our claim to gun trading company in Germany who will file a lawsuit against mr. Lincoln and his company.

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    Thanks for the warning but I think you'll find most of us know full well Mr Lincoln's credentials and for his being an ex serviceman - he wasn't in long enough to get to the front of the NAAFI queue or PX in your case so that counts for nothing.

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    If you search on the web you will discover that this is not an isolated incident, it is a shame as Peter has some good products and if he would only concentrate as much on delivering a good service as he does thinking up new excuses (my mother died - again ) he would have a fine company that produces some very good innovative products.

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    What a shameful chain of event's !! let alone to do this to new pray but to an ex green's that is just a topping of BULLCRAP !!!! when he tells the world he is ex army gun doctor

    he should hang his head low and pay back the funds that he has and has no right to hold on to

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    You best introduce yourself in the introductions or risk the post being removed.

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    On another note I am sorry to hear your grief, however, this will not come as any surprise to quite a few folk on here. I know of several who have had similar dealings with he who shall not be named. I myself had business dealings and they fell well short of satisfactory.

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    Customer was never given a confirmed date of delivery upon order, this is standard procedure when parts have to be ordered in from various suppliers. Customer requested numerous changes to original order, delivered several items that where never part of original spec and requested these be fitted irrelevant of compatibility. Customer obviously had difficulty understanding what he was bieng told and comprihending that every change to original order meant an extension of waiting time. Build one was waiting for quite a while on a folding AICS stock from sporting services with the stock on back order, all testing was completed in a non folding version. Rifle is finnished apart from folding stock bieng fitted to it. Customer became very angry and threatened violence on several occasions. At this point I cancelled the 2nd build entirely. Customer failed to arrive for 3 appointments to view the rifle prior to Proof. Customer and accomplice arrived without prior notice and expected to see the rifle. Rifle was at Cologne proof house at this time. Customer would not believe the rifle was at the proof house and requested i call the proof house to enable customer to visit the proof house to see the rifle. Call made to the proof house in the presence of the customer and accomplice to relay request for a visit. Proof house informed that they do not accept visitors on short notice and 6 weeks prior notice was required for a by appointment visit. Customer began once again with threats and was asked several times to leave the premises. Customer threatened to call local Police ( suited us for security sake) Local police arrived, informed customer that the matter was a civil matter. We informed local police that rifle in question was at proof in Cologne and provided copies of the filled out request form for proof and courier waybill for delivery to proof house.
    Customer provided with a statement of the fact that the rifle was at proof and with an estimated date of final completion. Customer made further threats of violence and threats of intention to innitiate a slander campaign.
    Due to work load at the Cologne proof house the rifle was not proof shot until the week before last week and did not arrive back with us untill mid week last week.
    Due to our premises recently bieng flooded by a heating system problem and our forced move to a new location all rifles currently held are deposited into secure storage. This is a mandatory step and has 2 reasons: 1: Rifles are fully insured whilst in secure storage. 2: Firearms are securely locked away. New Premises is not yet fitted with the required security measures and thus firearms cannot be stored there, they cannot be stored in the previouse shop because of the water problem and access requirements of the variouse companies dealing with flood damage.

    I refuse to deal with customers who make threats of violence and other such threats as well as frightening my staff.

    Rifle 1 will be delivered to an RFD of the customers choice. This will be possible as soon as it is retrieved from secure storage. Rifle 2 will be refunded, this will be possible as soon as the insurance pay out for the damage to goods caused by the flood.

    We are currently still moving into our new premises and waiting for the insurance to get thier act together.

    Again: I refuse to deal with customers who make threats of violence and slander. Thats what i have a Lawyer for.

    Jager SA - i think you are calling the kettle black.

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    OP clearly only here to have a moan not to add to the forum so post imminent for being erased..

    OP files lawsuit through 3rd party for compensation against Roedale

    Roedale files lawsuit against OP for 10x the amount for corporate reputational damage and a libel suit

    Lawyers rub their hands...

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    You can't make this stuff up...I reckon it's worth a call to Guiness.

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