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    can you help

    Good evening all. I have just got back from five years in nz where I managed to get my gun licence, I go back in July.
    i use a howa 1500 7mm08
    one problem I had a bet with my hunting friends that I would not have a shave until I got my deer and you guessed it so far no deer. Spooked heaps missed one and not taken umpteen shots as not excess able or safe.
    its getting silly now and summer is here and my misses is getting annoyed. I'm looking to surprise her and get rid of my beard but not lose the bet. So whilst I'm back I'm looking at seek if I am able of is anyone knows if anyone does storming or hunting trips so I may be able to do it. I hope you can help and look forward to hearing from someone.

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    Welcome to the site, plenty of hunting opportunities on here, look in the stalking available, you may have to part with a few quid though.

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    Jelen Deer Services have stalking in the New Forest - there's Charly 'Shavesgreen' (haven't seen him post on here for ages actually...???) - plenty of opportunities
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    Hi Craig,

    Give me a call on 01264 811155, I am sure we can help you. we are only 30 mins from you.



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    ... You won't go wrong with time spent with Jelen ... Great set up they have ...
    ... Altogether a rather better class of Remington 222 user ...

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