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Thread: Where has all the ammo gone?

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    Where has all the ammo gone?

    .22LR rounds are like rocking horse poo!
    I know there has been talk on here from time to time over the past year about "shortages", but I never expected it to dry up altogether!
    There's about 500 rounds of win subs to be had if I were to buy up all the stock from my two nearest gun shops, but what I really want is CCI, and it's ALL GONE!!!! Whaaaaaa! Just in time to coincide with the biggest rabbit control opportunity that's ever come my way!
    What's the situation elsewhere?

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    no issues locally here around edinburgh/borders, most likely because there's hardly any rabbits left and most people are too stingy to spend money on practising shooting..LOL.. (said jokingly guys ;-)

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    No shortage here - lots of every flavour......

    Time for a road trip!
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    Be thankful you don't live in the US. Our domestic ammo is gone from shop shelves and has been for a couple of years.~Muir

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    I feel your pain Tim. If I see any I'll give you a shout.

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    Emmett & Stone in Marlow had a huge delivery of CCI last week so there's plenty around
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    Quote Originally Posted by Hereford View Post

    Time for a road trip!
    You could be right, but with my current allowance pegged at 500 rounds it would be difficult to justify a journey. I think when my FAC is up for renewal at the end of the year I'll get it upped to a few thousand. Would be worth a trip then.

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    Road trip for ammo,

    I done a 130 mile round trip yesterday for my loading bits,

    Its Not just local shops that can't help, more like the price they ask and the fact that they dont have everything I wanted in stock,

    Never ever thought that 22 lr would be hard to find,

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    plenty here in berkshire

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    I need to get some Winchester subs. Are they hard to get?

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