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Thread: 6.5-284 in the field?

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    6.5-284 in the field?

    I am employing my 6.5-284 custom on a rem 700 in the field in the UK. It worked well on white tail and Mule deer in the States. What do you guys here think about this calibre in the UK on deer? I generally use 140 Grain Berger hunting VLDs with Retumbo.


    Thanks for the the way, she is wearing a 3-24x52mm March FFP, an amazing scope.
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    Excellent calibre, been using it for years, you've already seen it in action on Mule Deer, it'll be fine and dandy here.

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    Not had one personally but a friend does and it just drops deer on the spot , he's very happy with it ...
    As jaeger says...,
    Don't think you will struggle with anything here


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    Using 125 Partitions that seem to work well as do 120 Pro-Hunter
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    Use the 6.5x284 for the last 8? years on all Reds, Roe and Fallow, on third barrel now, but its an excellent killer close and further away.

    It will serve you well.

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    what sort of barrel life is this calibre ? is it fairly heavy on barrels

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    ~800 in match, for hunting you get some more, so that's a lot of deer.

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    Awesome calibre, you don't have to burn out the barrel to get the best from it, 120 Pro hunters are the cats t*ts.

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    Been using it for years, excellent. easy to shoot. I use 140 grain bullets 50 grains of N160. Now that I have one I dont see the need for anything else to shoot all species of uk deer

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