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Thread: Japan :Earths Enchanted Islands

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    What a great Natural History programme,just watching a repeat on BBC2 ,best I've seen for years.Some great shots of Sika deer rutting and being ridden by Macaque monkeys!If you missed it watch it on Iplayer! Forgot to mention the bowing Sika and Bears and Cranes,just awesome!
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    I agree, it is one of the best of its genre.

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    What a cracking programme, Hokkaido is absolutely stunning with all the different colours but changes in weather are unbelievable and as for the Bears it was funny watching them wandering about and near the end the guy sh!t himself as he thought he was getting between the mother and cub.

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    what i want to know is why cant a programe like this be done around british wildlife all we seem to get is jonny kingdom or spring/autum watch

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    Just to say theres 3 episodes.In one these two 70 year old ladies catch highly venomous Sea snakes for food
    With their bare hands!!

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    I watched all three of these programmes absolutely fantastic, people hand feeding deer, monkey's riding deer and swimming underwater for their food, bears and sea eagles co-existing peacefully with man, old ladies wading into dark rocky places at night to catch venomous sea snakes with their bare hands, rare cranes being saved from extinction, cherry blossom being marvelled at, it takes a special kind of national culture to achieve that. The whole country is in tune with, appreciates and understands nature, sadly it will never happen here.

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    amazing programmes but as John says would never happen here .the tree huggers would have the woman arrested for daring to live the way of life she,s always dare she eat fluffy likkle sea snakes .2 faced bunch of animal hating morons.
    she buys shoes i buy ,shooting,she stops buying shoes,il be amazed

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