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Thread: What are your opinions on current CZ rifles over yonder?

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    What are your opinions on current CZ rifles over yonder?

    I picked up a .22 455 American bolt with 16 inch barrel a while back and it is a fine rifle, smooth and well built with a crisp, light trigger and shoots as well as I can point it. The CZ rifles I've handled seem to be a class above other modern production rifles in a comparable price range I've seen produced in the states. What's your view? Thinking about a CZ with the international stock at some point.

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    Hi Sharptop, I have the CZ 452 American Stock in .22 and CZ 455 in .17hmr in Thumbhole Stock, have used .22 and find it an excellent rifle and the .17 Thumbhole is a bit heavier but hand position is really good for me. Ps both are in 16" barrel

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    Years ago CZs were looked upon as being a bit "agricultural" today they are well finished and very accurate rifles. Another maker that seems to have raised its game is Weihrauch.

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    I have a 452 varmint in HMR,511 in .22LR, new 527 in .223, old 527 in .22H (my favourite rifle) and 550 in 6.5x55. Havent had a chance to properly test the .223 but all of the others are shooters.

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    I have the 452 Varmint that I use for Lightweight Sporting Rifle comps at the club and with moderator as my bunny gun. It out shoots me any day of the week. A number of my fellow club members have this rifle in various guises and I have never heard anything but praise for them. Considering the price it must be one of the most versatile and reliable rifles in its class (if not in a class of its own). Leaving aside the snobbery of some for their (much) more expensive/ style/ accurate(?)/ and simply "better than yours", this is probably the most used gun in the cabinet and probably the last to go.

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    they are very good rifles but my only complaint is the triggers on them they just arnt as good as they used to be

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    I have a cz452 varment in 22lr and cant praise it enough for the money it is fantastic value and accurate In my job I get to shoot a lot of different makes in all calibres and I think cz offer a product now that compares with a lot of others that cost twice as much

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    i have a 17hmr 452 varmint good trigger solid cant fault it ,,,or the ammo so far touch wood,

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    I have a couple of .22's one set up for day one set up with NV. Also have a .17hmr and think they are all very good value for money and accurate rifles for bunny bashing etc. Ive had no issues with mine

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    They are awesome value for money! Absolute sturdy reliable workhorses. Trigger kits are available at fairly low cost.
    I would say they account for the vast majority of .22LR in the UK.

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