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Thread: British Bowhunters

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    British Bowhunters

    I found this on the tube. I know we have a few bowhunters in this country so I'd it may be of intrest.

    Everyone should watch this:

    This is REAL hunting! A truly beautiful video.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Joshua View Post
    I found this on the tube. I know we have a few bow hunters in this country so I'd it may be of intrest.

    There are a few other stalking videos on the channel.
    Joshua, you are aware that bow hunting is illegal in the U.K.

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    Illegal? In Britain? No!

    Oh yes. Banned by the lunatic Mrs Thatcher in 1981 in the Wildlife and Countryside Act.

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    Well at least that's one thing she got right!

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    There is a bowhunters association in the UK I for one would love to see the law against bowhunting here repealed. It is the one of the purist forms of hunting, especially traditional archery and a very clean and efficient method if done correctly.

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    In a country where our chosen sport is governed by the use of firearms of minimum muzzle energy and caliber size bow hunting is illegal and rightly so. This has got to be a wind up, this is a Stalking website dedicated to our chosen and cherished sport of stalking/managing deer, how on earth would hunting with a bow take preference to a rifle, or enhance the public perception of our sport , in my case passion, as the site grows diverse opinions appear, this subject can only put fuel on the fire of the antis and harm the kudos of the largest Stalking forum. Lets throw it open how many 'sportsman' out there would take up live animal hunting with a bow and arrow, before you do, look at bear or deer hunting with a bow, if you think its humane god help us, I've had problems with clients with a rifle badly shooting deer, Trying to follow up a deer with an arrow in it would be a nightmare, I know about modern broad-heads, I used to do field archery, keeping it on target on paper was hard at times with wind factors, on live game there has to be a high percentage of wounded animals you don't see in videos, it would damage the sport. Admin finger on button, tin hats on again. deerwarden

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    Ive seen bow hunting vids from the states and find what I saw of concern with guys putting arrows into deer from all angles , some certainly wouldnt have been fatal. Also I know some bows have huge power reserves but how do they compare to deer legal rifles as regards to killing power where deer are concerned? If they act was repealed would they become deer legal and if they did would they be licenced? if so would it be prudent to have to apply for one in to same way as an FAC rifle? even to the extent of having to show just cause?

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    Now where did I put that pig sticking spear?
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    Well said deer sent that post as I was typing mine mirroring your concerns

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