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Thread: Recommend me an electric mincer

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    Recommend me an electric mincer

    Will be used once every few weeks for about 20kg of meat.

    If you have had long service with similar use then I would value your recommendations.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tackleberry270 View Post
    Will be used once every few weeks for about 20kg of meat.

    If you have had long service with similar use then I would value your recommendations.

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    Don't have one. Need one to do the job as described and without clogging up but do not want to spend more than I need to.

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    We bought one that is an attachment for the Kenwood Chef. We do one or two Fallow prickets and a couple of Roe a year for our own and friends/family consumption and it does the job. I cant remember the price but not at all expensive. Just looked at the box, which reads Kenwood Chef/Major Multi- food Grinder. We have had it for about three years.
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    This is the one recomended to me and is also used by quite a few award winning sausage makers when doing demos etc.. Wifey bought it for me for my birthday..

    Awesome piece of kit, never struggles, will mince whatever you can throw at it and very versatile with all industry standard plates and cutters available..

    Weshenfelder are also a fantastic company to deal with and sell anything you can think of!

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    I have also got the Youngs No8 and I can recommend it too. Weshenfelder
    are great to deal with!

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    I bought a kenwood about 18 months ago, originally bought it for mincing rabbits for the dogs but have done a few deer with it now. Also bought the attachment for making sausages. Can't remember the model number but I'm sure it was about 90 quid. Time will tell how long it lasts but it seems a solid piece of kit

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    Also have a youngs no 8 , not the cheapest but very good . Cube the meat and chill . It is worth having a big tray/bowl as it will mince as quick as you can feed it. I got it from weshenfelder when they were doing a deal on them . Speak to Tim and see if he will through in some burger mixes with the mincer.

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    Thanks for all your input. Looks like the youngs mincer is a popular choice!

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    I have the youngster also..... Had it for years ..... Recently bought a back up the same but all stainless mincing head etc , the original was cast I think .
    Had at least 7 yrs .
    New one bought fae weschenfelder

    Recommend as above folks


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