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Thread: What ammo for range use and where in north east to get best deal

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    What ammo for range use and where in north east to get best deal

    Hello all i am brand new to range use and just heard that i have to use FMJ is this correct? if yes does anyone know who has the best deals in the north east. I heard privi were not very good(non available anyway. ps it s for 243. Thanks in advance for any replies

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    Hi, Yep if your target shooting the law (And most competitions) demand non expanding ammo so FMJ is the one to use, If you get a variation to use expanding ammo (I'm sure you will if you have a 243 and are on this site) then you can use that ammo to Zero your rifle at most ranges but not for competition use. I cant answer for the North East but if you want some good FMJ loaded ammo opposed to loading your own then search out Norma 80gr FMJ's. I have used them and got sub 1/2" at 100 from my SSG-59 P1 with a 1 in 10" twist. Everyone's rifle is different but they would be worth a look.

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    Try the Mayfair shoting centre in Sunderland, they are very helpful. Follow the link below.

    Hope its of some use, they are also running with a full bore club shooting quite regularly at Ponteland

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    Just remember that before stalking with the rifle you will need to confirm and probably re-zero as it's highly likely that the differnt bullets will not shoot to the same point of aim.

    Oh and you can thank our wonderful Police for this stupidity!

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    Military ranges & civilian shooters fmj only.
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