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Thread: Accredited witness in Highlands

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    Accredited witness in Highlands

    As above I am looking for any recommendations for a good AW in the Highlands, Moray, Wester Ross area. The stalking would have to be carried out on their ground as the ground I have access to is in Argyll so this would be a long way to go for what could be an unsuccessful stalk.
    I am hoping to complete my level 2 before the end of the year but I am not fussed what species the stalks are carried out on. Stags, hinds bucks, does.

    Any recommendations appreciated.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JohnnyR View Post
    Could try Peter Allison at corrour
    Super estate!
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    Try Moray Outfitters on here, John will look after you.

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    +1 for Moray outfitters , good folk!

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    I can recommend Vernon Waters of Hendrey, Ramsey & Waters.
    This gentleman worked very hard to get me in to locations where we could find deer on one of the most averse weather days imaginable.
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    Moray Outfitting for a Couple of discredited witnesses.

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    RecRexomm Moray Outfitters. Have done DSC1 with them as well red stag stalk. Very nice gents.

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