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Thread: mae moderators full barrel

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    mae moderators full barrel

    As per title what can you tell me I'm thinking of making a 308 and 223 fully moderated but unsure weather to try these or make my own any advice welcomed

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    Im pretty sure Julien at JMS arms has a personal .308, maybe worth a phone call.
    He's usually happy to test fire whatever your interested in while you watch.


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    Ok thanks I shall give him a call

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    are you talking about the sealed version that uses the outer barrel surface as the inside of the gas chamber?

    I can only imagine you would need to do an awful lot of cleaning to make sure the build up and corrosion are kept in check

    the 6.5x47 version he has is stainless and has a polished barrel surface for this purpose

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    Yes bewsher that's the type I was thinking yes the barrels will be stainless I have spoken to julien today and he has invited me down to have a chat so I can see them in action and ask all the questions I would like answers to.

    Thanks guys

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