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Thread: Wind Checker

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    Wind Checker

    Just wondering what you guys do to keep check of the prevailing air currents when stalking in almost still conditions?

    I've been using this kind of stuff for the last few years and found it to be really useful by being almost like 'smoke' when deployed.

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    Yes, I use this in a very protected (i.e. still) wood where the wind currents are almost imperceptible.

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    I'm forever blowing bubbles ��


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    We use something similar bowhunting here in the states. Just a small bottle like that filled with cornstarch works well.

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    I'll take two (2) please if you do paypal.


    The enemy of knowledge is not ignorance, it is the illusion of knowledge.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Klenchblaize View Post
    I'll take two (2) please if you do paypal.


    Remember & wrap them in cammo tape or similar so you're not waving a bright white bottle about!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Klenchblaize View Post
    I'll take two (2) please if you do paypal.


    Thanks K.

    It's not something we have finalised yet. We've trialled lots of different variations but the vast majority have been far too heavy and 'clumpy'.

    The secret seems to be extremely fine powder that, when shaken, only gives off the finest residue when the bottle is gently squeezed, hence it appears to be exactly like smoke. It's amazing when used in very still forestry blocks, you wouldn't believe just what the air currents are REALLY doing around you!

    Also, the bottle lasts ages as you're not actually dispensing the powder itself....I'm still on my original bottle after three years!

    I'll keep you up to date with progress.

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    Bought 2 bottles about 7 years ago, could'nt do without it .Wf1

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    If you are just interested in the wind currents then smoke matches that plumbers use for testing chimney's and flue draughts are useful. Available from most plumbers merchants or a matter of pence. They do however have the down side of not being "covert" if you are actually stalking and are near animals. Also don't accidentally set fire to the forest!!

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    Baby powder as it has two use's one is the wind the other is if its a hot "n" sweaty day while out walking it can relieve chaffing

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