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Thread: Teckel - Male Born 23/03/12

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    Teckel - Male Born 23/03/12

    Very reluctantly we must rehome Trig our smooth coat neutered Teckel. He has a great nose and tracks extremely well and adores deer stalking. Brilliant with children, who always adore him, and loves people and he is fine with 99.99% of other dogs but has been known to retaliate if pushed to extreme.

    He is also fine with chickens and turkeys as well as our Ouessant micro sheep. The sad reason for needing to rehome is that he has killed one of our new born lambs. A loving home, preferably with children, would be ideal. Instead of payment a reasonable charitable donation will be required. Located in Somerset.

    Deer Diary

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    Sorry, but the dog you describe sounds perfect, it's had a slip up seemingly and you're getting rid? Why not keep it away from stock? Surely that's a manageable situation, and not worthy of getting rid of the dog?
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    It is very sad but impractical to keep him away from stock. We have three other dogs and our set up is such that without confining him totally he will find a way even though he was separated by stock proof fencing. He deserves a future preferably as an only dog.

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    Never easy having to part with a dog.sorely tempted but alot going on at the moment hope you get sorted sure some one will want a little hound

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    Shame for you, but having had the lamb incident, I would be very hesitant at moving him on into a possible further incident, maybe worse than stock, For me I would have to know the possibilities were very very low... We re home / foster dogs on a regular basis, in particular one current dog is never allowed out or off the lead without his muzzle being firmly fitted. Had the current level of incumbents here been lower, I would have happily offered him space. Steve.
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    Thank you everyone who responded here and by PM. I am very hopeful that we have now found a home where he can have a good life.

    Deer Diary

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