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    NEW PAIR OF LEICA Geovid HD-R 42mm Type 403
    For more than 20 years, Leica has been renowned as the pioneer of laser range finding products. NowLeica is continuing its success story by introducing our newest member of the popular Geovid laserrange finder binocular line up the New Geovid HD-R with proven open-bridge ergonomic design andfast, simple to use inclined shooting solutions.
    Algorithm Enhanced Geometric Effective Horizontal Range (EHR) Calculation:
    With the newly added EHRTM functionality the GEOVID HD-R 42, quickly provides ranging informationbased upon distance and angle for the hunter and shooter. At the touch of a single button and within asplit second the background algorithm working with the Advanced Rifleman’s Rule geometriccalculation delivers precise EHR distance information for determining the correct hold over, turretadjustment or drop down reticle aiming point. Within only 0.2 seconds, the Leica GEOVID HD-R 42provides highly accurate and usable information for an accurate shot, especially at steep inclines andover longer distances.
    The New Geovid HD-R provides line of sight laser ranging from 10 to 2000+ yards and precise EHRcalculations from 10 to 600 yards.
    For hunters that use a classical reticle in their riflescope, the Leica GEOVID HD-R 42 shows, in additionto the measured distance, the EHR calculation for approximating hold-over.
    For hunters using ballistic reticles the information provided allows for quick determination of theappropriate reticle mark.
    Hunters who use the calibrations on a custom turret or fast reticle-adjustment system can quickly dialto distance for on target performance.
    Other Key Features:

    • - Quick handling, comfortable open ergonomic bridge design
    • - Actuation button on Right Hand Side
    • - Quiet, non-slip rubber armoring
    • - Bright, patented, advanced Perger Porro Prism system
    • - Lightweight, highly durable magnesium body
    • - Bright, easy to read display system with auto-brightness control

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