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Thread: leupold mk4s

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    leupold mk4s

    Hi all, ive recently bought another mk4 and it came without these glass lenses that screw in behind the eye piece and the objective lens, my other mk4 came with them, ive looked on leupold site and surfed the net trying to find out what they are , how much they are and where I can get some,one of you may have the answers, cheers swaro

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    Name escapes at present but available from Sportsman/OpticsWarehouse. I will check my Leupold catalogue and post item no. They do numerous screw in inserts.


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    Leupold Allumina, look on Optics warehouse site under Leupold accessories all available, they did have some in clearance section a while ago.


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    Thank you very are a star ��

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