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Thread: 2 Bucks in June

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    2 Bucks in June

    I just wanted to share two recent experiences I have had with two fellow members of this forum. Being a keen fox hunter but a limited deer stalker I always aim to go stalking with somebody more experienced so that I am able to learn from them. This month two people I have met through this forum and been shooting a number of times over the last few months with have both become friends and the below gives examples of how generous fellow shooters are to each other.

    On one of my farms there has is a small family of Roe which have only been there for 2 years having migrated from a neighbouring woods. Keeping a keen eye on them and at the request of the landowner it was time to take the first buck down from this land. After much tracking over several weeks I knew where the buck in question seemed to spend most of its time. So armed with this knowledge and my 308 I asked David (aka Cyrus) to come out with me to help me stalk him down. After a 45 minute stalk we arrived at the edge of the field where he normally resides and slowly crawled along the hedgerow to a gap and there he was, just under 100m away. Slowly we both stood up, got the quad sticks up and lined up a heart and lung show with a 150gr Federal round. He didn’t know what had hit him. After reloading and waiting we then went across to check him before David undertook the gralloch for me……all was healthy and we had a good 4 pointer. Now the hardest part came – the 1.5 mile walk back carrying a 18kg buck as there was no vehicle access! I still feel that weight now in my shoulders. Back home and hanging in my garage the following day it was butchered up by David with my assistance and swiftly frozen. It was a lovely 4 pointer and David is currently even doing the head for me.

    My second buck in June came not long afterwards when James (James Sivell) asked me if I wished to accompany him on one of his stalks as he had a troublesome buck on one of the permissions where he does deer management. Given that James is out stalking most nights I jumped at the chance to witness him in action. After meeting at 6pm we went out to the land in question and after climbing and waiting on the hay bales I couldn’t believe my eyes as how many deer I could see in a single field – there were 5 roe deer right in front of us and I mean right in front!! We slowly stalked around the edge of one of the fields to get visibility of the hidden corner of the field and there were 3 more Roe deer in there including the troublesome buck which James wanted to find. Having learnt a lot more about stalking I was then in for a shock, James then offered me the opportunity to shoot the buck rather than him do this – I was happy just shadowing without shooting but I jumped at the opportunity of course! (I had used James' rifle several times before so was happy with the zero on the S&B). With a trusty heart and lung shot from just over 100m the buck went down and after reloading and waiting the cursory 10 minutes we went across to the strike site - one shot one kill. Following a speedy gralloch by James where he pointed out the lymph nodes he then carried the 20kg buck back to his car in a roe sack. The following day I got a call saying that he had butchered and vacuum packed the deer plus prepared the 6 pointer head for me, this wasn't expected!

    So a big thank you to both David and James for two great stalks and their generosity in doing this all for me. As James manages a large deer population all over Bristol/Somerset and Wiltshire anybody looking for a stalk cant go far wrong than speaking to him as I am sure he will always have opportunities available.

    Attached are photos of the bucks in question.

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    nice write up and very well done , especially for the two guides .

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    very nice write up and well done to everyone involved,atb doug,

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    Nice write up mate, enjoyed reading it and well done to the others stalkers for there generosity.

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    Brill write up, well done to all involved

    more experience and friendships gained

    and good meat in the freezer,



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    Yes good write up, I was an enjoyable stalk, I have known Andrew a couple of months and we been out several times for foxs and we had bumped this buck several weeks previously. Itsd nice going on other stalkers ground and in this case I was very surprised at he speed Andrew took the shot, no messing around. It was a text book stalk and shot and best bit was to get a fellow SD member on their first ever Roe Buck.

    It was a long slow walk back to the motor and as I keep telling him he stalks miles to fast and he need to get a good pair of bins and use them, that should help.

    All we have to do now is try and get a munty.


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    Great write up showing The Stalking Directory up at it's best - Members going out of their way to help each other!
    I raise my hat to all involved!

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    Great write up, sorry for the delay in my response, I have been rather busy. I hope on the outing you learnt and it was time well spent for you and more importantly an enjoyable experience. And that you gained knowledge tips that will work for you with practice. I was impressed with the questions you asked and the way you conducted yourself you had a positive attitude throughout and listened to my instructions which resulted in a cleanly shot cull animal and subsequently a clean carcass fit for consumption. I look forward to our other outings and passing on anything I can to you. I'm sure with the right guidance and equipment you will soon be going out on your own stalking permissions and achieving culls independently.

    Thank you to the other members for there positive feed back.



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    Well done gentlemen, the SD membership at its best again.
    All grades of deer stalkers/hunters in the UK and overseas catered for. Level 2 DMQ signing off available. Over 30 years experience in the stalking/hunting industry. For friendly and professional help go to


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