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Thread: Nearest game dealer to callander

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    Nearest game dealer to callander

    Hi i am looking for a game dealer around callander or the nearest. Had a look on the web and nearest i found was at loch gilphead.
    many thanks

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    we use Simpsons game at Newtonmore they collect no bother from my yard, 01540673310. ATB Davie

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    How much and how often,Simpsons as the previous poster says will collect, probably pay the best price but they are not that quick in paying, , Highland Game in Dundee again slow to pay, Hubertus in Pitlochry,
    Fyne Game at Lochgilphead, Yorkshire Game used to collect up here if you had a regular supply don't know if they still do.

    I have dealt with all the above at one time or another.

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    I agree with bogtrotter on paying the best price, if you speak to Angela and arrange a payment term as a few boys do from my yard then they get paid no bother, I my self get paid twice a year just because it suits me and the way we work, all stags together and all hinds together, ATB Davie.

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    The game dealer down by the harbour in Perth is open. Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu and Friday first thing. Not the weekend.
    The phone number is: 01738 443 200.
    I've been paid on the day lately but I'm usually only taking in one beast at a time.
    Good hunting.

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    Thanks for the replies chaps. Will chase them up in the morning.
    many thanks

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    Fyne game now in Inveraray again, as well as Lochgilphead. I think you can go and drop beasts of at any time.

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    Sorted now chaps. Many thanks for the replies

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