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Thread: Havalon bolt

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    Havalon bolt

    Hi all,

    thinking of of buying a Havalon bolt knife, I was just wondering if anyone here used one and if so what they think of them? I quite like the idea of just changing the blade and throwing the old one out. And it looks nimble enough for the back end of a roe doe.

    Also so if any of the trade members on here have any give me a shout please.


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    I got one when in the states last year, love it, but dangerously sharp!
    The blades can snap when abused, but otherwise it's a good bit of kit.
    You could get them in the UK but i don't think you can anymore.

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    Hennie Heinnes now do the blades so I was told by a mate .

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    thanks all, saves having to keep a steel or multiple knives in the truck i was hoping a trade member on here may sell them, they are out of stock on amazon at the moment. thanks

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    I have the Piranta; get the 60A blades which are sturdier than the original 60XT blades

    One blade will see a Fallow buck done start to finish

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