cocker pups advice
hi i would like some advice my cocker bitch had pups last sunday all the way into monday there was 7 in total one still born the last one since then pups have been fine and doing ok all bar onwe which is visabley smaller than the rest although it was first born they have been to the vets today for docking and due claws and the vet said that the weaker pup may have a heart murmour also since the birth my bitch has been sheepish and not eating much and is leaking a blood like clear liquid . i tried to get the weaker pup to have a feed which it tried to do but my bitch doent seem to be producing much milk im wondering if there is some thing that i can feed both the bitch to help also if thee is anything i can give the pup to help it out a bit any help would be greatly appriciated kind regards Brian