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Thread: Gunstar???

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    What is it with the people who advertise on this site, advertise a rifle, only leave an email, don't leave a contact number and then when you leave an email don't reply to say if the said rifle is still available or not, if they don't want to sell it why advertise it rant over, but it really boils my p*ss.

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    I have given up with GUNSTAR. Too often the thing is sold and in fact long time ago sold. I only use GUNTRADER now.

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    I tried to use it a few times but soon gave up, suprised its still going. Guntrader is much better.

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    it is a shame because Gunstar is far easier to navigate that Guntrader. I agree with it being hit and miss. I can along assume it is up to the vendor to remove the listing once sold. The few times I have found what I was looking for (being a leftie makes this harder) the rifle had been sold 3 months prior

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    I don't think it's an old ad, it says 27th June on the ad, it's just annoying that the seller hasn't left a contact number just the site's email system, I don't even know if he's received my messages, Gunstar should insist on a phone number in the ad it would make life a lot easier.

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    I emailed a guy some time ago on Gunstar about a scope. It took about three weeks for the fella to reply, and to say his reply looked dodgy is a complete understatement. I have heard of a few scams on Gunstar, but this experience left me in no doubt. I will never use it again. Guntrader I have had no problems with at all.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Biathlonjimmy View Post
    Gunstar is far easier to navigate that Guntrader
    Really? I find Gunstar a pain in the backside!

    With Guntrader I can narrow down my choices all the way to the few that I'm really interested in whereas with Gunstar I still have to wade through 95% of irrelevance... I must be doing something wrong, but can't for the life of me work out what it is. With 5 or so clicks on Guntrader I can view the 3 Sako 75 .308s for sale... Try doing that on Gunstar.

    They relaunched Gunstar as being all singing/all dancing, but nothing seems to have changed, so I've only ever put kit on Guntrader.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Biathlonjimmy View Post
    it is a shame because Gunstar is far easier to navigate that Guntrader.
    Perhaps it is me but I struggle with Gunstar and usually give up. Guntrader allows me to search, filter down and then, finally, sort by distance.

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    Quote Originally Posted by I. Farticus View Post
    Really? I find Gunstar a pain in the backside!

    Great minds......

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    Gunstar I've found to be a waste of time. I haven't even got as far as contacting a seller. The search facility is totally pants. I've been on there to find something once or twice and got so frustrated. Guntrader isn't perfect, but you can narrow down fairly specifically and also what counties you want. It's much better.

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