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Thread: London Marathon who is running it?

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    London Marathon who is running it?

    Well it is just over a week away one more run on Sunday and thatís it for me, is anybody else on here running it?............ Mark H?

    Hopefully I will raise a bit of dosh for my chosen charity.



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    Not doing it this year, but have done it twice in the past.(2005 &07). Ran my PB there in 05 and had a rough time in 07.

    A few mates from our local club running in it this year. Should be interestingas they are all quite competitive and at a similar level.

    Would love to do another marathon or 2 but kind of fell out of the habit of training 2 years ago when my wife took ill. Currently making an attempt to get back into training but still having to force myself and have not quite reached the point where I want to go out yet. The old body protests a bit more than it used to as well.
    Good luck, hope you have a great race. Let us know how you get on.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Thar View Post
    Hopefully I will raise a bit of dosh for my chosen charity.

    Which charity are you running for and can you post a link??

    I've not run the marathon but my brother-in-law has done it several times. Seeing how much effort he put into training made me realise that anyone who attempts it, let alone completes it, deserves huge respect. Well done, let us know how you get on.


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    Just the mere thought of running let alone on the roads makes my knees ache more than normal. I think you must be bonkers ........................... stark raving bonkers. Heck I am sure it would be the death of me .

    Yep I'll admit that I am unfit but I never was any good at running .

    But hey if it floats your boat go for it.

    I am extremly glad I am not in the area as the chaos it causes has to be witnessed .

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    if tahr is doing this for charity not the female charity i hope then lets get behind him and chuck some cash in for his effort and good cause I WILL START IT OF WITH £25 00 FROM MY LOT come on you lot lets see your money then, MUDDY DUNCAN SYLV ELLIE

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    Hi gents

    The charity I am running for “Bart’s Mesothelioma Research”. Mesothelioma is an aggressive type of cancer which is caused by being exposed to asbestos. There is no known cure and 74% of people diagnosed die within one year. This disease is prevalent among people who have worked in heavy industry, ship building, power stations and the railway industry. My personal interest in this disease has come about in recent years due to colleagues, friends and family contracting it.

    In 2003 my line manager in Derby, John Marsh died after battling the disease for a year; he was 58 years old.

    In 2006 my old supervisor and good friend Sam Orme died at 62 of Mesothelioma.

    In late 2007 my father-in-law was diagnosed with Mesothelioma. He succumbed to the disease in June last year. .

    In March last year my wife was having tests for the same disease, fortunately the tests came back clear.

    All money donated will go to the Charity, I have paid my own entry free etc.

    I have been in training since Christmas, running 5 times a week, early on in the year it wasn’t easy getting out with all the snow and ice about, I just put on my fell running shoes and ran in the snow. I have never run a marathon before, done a few halfs and a fair few hill races, but never the big one. I really prefer running the hills but for this I have had to do a fair bit of road work.


    I am meeting up with some guys in London from “just down the road from you” they are from Dumfries Harriers, I run for Annan and District Athletic Club. I too had to take a brake from training due to my wife breaking her back last October, then before that she had a brain tumour. I hope you other half is OK now.


    What can I say………………..but a big big thanks to your kind offer.


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    Is there a Justgiving link?


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    With a thank you to Willie for pointing me in the right direction I now have a Just giving page:-

    Any kind person that would like to make a donation to help find a cure to this fatal disease just has to visit the page.

    Not long now…………………….

    Many thanks


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    Good Luck, I wish you all the best.

    I can't se me running another Marathon as it doesn't half smart the morning after, my knees take about 3 weeks to recover and I do no PT for about 5 weeks, takes an awful lot out of you. Hope you enjoy the "Wall" as much as I did, all I wanted to do was punch anyone who spoke to me.......It's not nice.

    I wish you all the best, Good Luck.


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    Hi Stu

    I have been told a lot about the wall, hope I don’t start bubbing like a baby at the end, others have said that they have started hallucinating. When your body has used up all it glycogen it is not a nice place to be so I am told.

    I intend to try and run at an even pace so hopefully will delay it for as long as possible.



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