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Thread: O2 network

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    O2 network

    Is anybody else having signal problems phone says from full to none in the same place. Need it for work can't even send a text. Any body know why.
    Life was so simple when phones had a cord.
    Sorry rant done
    Cheers Jake

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    Lack of network capacity probably, you can be sitting next to the mast but if there are enough people using it at the same time the you can't get on. You notice it even in city centres with lots of masts.
    Mind you if you have an I phone, well they just lie to you!

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    Its not an I phone never had anything like this before just stopped on Saturday

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    They still do 'phones with cords. You can always find your way back home too.

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    Call O2 from a land line and ask them. Is it just one place or over a wide geographical area?

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    There is a mast down here since mid May. Signal? what signal?

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    I think most of the mobile phone companies have an unwritten policy of doing as little as possible whilst still being able to rake in the money. Come to think of it, most big companies think that way today. We won't mention banks! Ho hum.

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    Or BT .... Another shower of ****e


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    EE suck ,orange as was we had reception at work near Lichfield .not anymore since becoming EE i have to use their T mobile carp reception no longer exists ????greedy gitz
    she buys shoes i buy ,shooting,she stops buying shoes,il be amazed

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    I haver 2 phones a private one on EE which I have never had a problem, with OK there are black spots.
    AND an 02 phone for work which is normaly crap but over the last week it has been SH#TE.
    So yes it is worse.

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