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Thread: S4 Lockdown MICRO

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    S4 Lockdown MICRO

    One S4 Lockdown MICRO TO FIT BINO'S UPTO 6" tall my misses ordered it for me and got the wrong one so one brand new never been used S4 I have now ordered the right one so one lockdown bino harness for sale 40 inc postage
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    price drop grab a bargain only 40 inc postage

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    Have you still got this?
    I have a pair of vortex diamondbacks 8x42 at 6.25" total length, would you say they would fit?
    Best regards

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    Hi Alex
    Yes still available
    just had some bino's in that are 6" exactly and i would say an extra quarter of an inch would go in ok just stretching the elastic out a bit further
    My apologies for the delayed response
    Regards Jez

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    Pm'd you Jez ��

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