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Thread: After market optilock ring screw-bolts

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    After market optilock ring screw-bolts

    I like the concept of the optilocks but never been so confident in the ring screws-bolts as just a little fragile even when using a torque wrench, well for very little money purchased 8 in A4 stainless so stronger and certainly fit as they should from Davy@ Shooting SHED next day delivery as he had them on the shelf already turned down to fit. He will sell 1> but but best bet is to change the lot for a superior product and peace of mind... I have no connection with this business just know of his great reputation and attention to detail in anything he manufactures, so really just a heads up for those looking for somewhere to purchase them from.

    Mine were 17.50 posted for 8.
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    How much are they?
    cant find them on the website

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    I think you had your pants pulled down!
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    I have summat for sale; here's the M̶i̶d̶w̶a̶y̶ Brownells UK price... effin jokers.
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    Never had an issue with the ones supplied!

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