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Thread: End of a mini drought!

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    End of a mini drought!

    For various reasons, including me being a clumsy bugger, it's been a while since I actually grassed a deer but that changed for the good on Tuesday!!

    The margins around the farm have been cut recently so has now given the opportunity to actually see what's on the ground rather than wading through chest high grass with brief chances in a few clearings! I have had a trailcam out on a regularly used crossing point where I've had success before which has shown a couple of munties and a fox around the same time each evening. With this in mind a plan was hatched to wait until it cooled down and get settled into position on the quad sticks around 8.15pm overlooking the crossing point as they'd been appearing between 8.30 and 9.30pm.

    The crossing point is about 80 yards on from here.

    Right on q after settling in a munty doe appeared, but as has been my luck recently, she was right at the end of the ride about 250yds away and crossed quickly into the bushes! This was the last I saw of her but I was as optomistic as ever! As the sun was setting I took a snapshot of the horizon, which has unfortunately took a turn for the worse now they have recently erected 4 wind turbines on the hill. I doesn't matter where I am in this section they always seem to be in the shot as that's where the sun goes down!

    Just after I took the pic, around 60 yards in front the Munty buck I'd seen on the trailcam appeared from the right and was not intending to stop on the ride. I gave a shout but instead of just turning it's head he quartered towards me, which meant I had to quickly adjust on the sticks and make a quick fire decision where to aim. I delivered the 165gr .308 round front right just under the neck in the chest, which took out the heart, lung and smashed the front right leg with a meaty old exit.

    On inspection he was a bit of a scrapper and had a wound that was healing but seemed too clean to be an antler!

    After waiting a few minutes I did the usual checks and as I had a bit of light left I mooched round the corner into an open field to see if anything else was about and to my delight there was, but not what I expected. Over in the corner about 50 yards from our wooden highseat were 2 Sika!! A hind and young stag were happily munching away on some bushes, so I tried to get close enough for a picture but got spotted as the cover was rubbish! You can't see them but they are dead center in the pic and looked to be at home!! Note to self to put my decent camera in my bag in the future!!

    By now the light was fading and I still had the gralloch to do so I got that done and walked back to the car around the lakes so I could retrieve my bounty now we can drive around easily. No point in sweating buckets carrying when you don't need to.

    Another quick photo of the moon reflecting off the lake walking back (again from my phone so not the best) and I returned home happy and contented after a really good couple of hours out!! It was also nice to know I can still shoot straight when it matters after my average score in the H4H stalkers test!!



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    Interesting wound there! What do you think caused it? Another buck's tusk? Barbed wire? I didn't realise you had sika on your patch too!

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    I'd say a tusk mate as we don't have any barbed wire anywhere around he I know of and he would need to be a damn clumsy chap to do that amount of damage!! He had a couple of scars the other side too!

    I now have all 6 species within about 20mins of my house on various bits of ground, but I'm not allowed to shoot them all unfortunately!! Out of the 6 the least seen is actually Fallow, which is quite surprising! I've seen the Sika on this bit before but that was nearly 2 years ago, other than the dead hind I found a few weeks ago. The landowner is not fussed that they are there so they may stick around if left alone for now and give me a nice opportunity in the future.
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    You can christen that larder now....well done
    Starbucks. It's not my cup of tea.

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    Nice write up and some great photos there Stratts!
    It's always very satisfying when the patience and observation pay dividends and you eventually manage to end a bit of a "dry spell" on a warm summers evening!
    Now all you need to do is to dust off the barbie and crack open a couple of "cold ones"!

    Well done mate!

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