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Thread: Sako finfire mk11

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    Sako finfire mk11

    Anyone tried the new model(11) sako finfire, how does it compare with old finfire, just how accurate is it ?.

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    I had a fondle of one a while ago but didn't shoot it, not to the same quality as the original and built to a price, wait till a original comes up and buy that instead then reflect in the glow that comes from buying the best rimfire made and not a abortion in new clothes.

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    its a quad without the switch barrel capability

    I have the quad and it is very accurate
    not without its foibles but then they all are
    personally dont see the point of buying a quad without the barrel change bonus

    for all intents and purposes it looks the same as the Quad Hunter with Walnut stock
    may have a few less plasticy bits on it

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