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Thread: Life is short

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    Life is short

    Just been to a friends funeral he wasn't even 60 just want everyone to enjoy every moment they have don't put work first to often you don't know when times up
    Rest in peace Glenn

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    Quote Originally Posted by shakey jake View Post
    Just been to a friends funeral he wasn't even 60 just want everyone to enjoy every moment they have don't put work first to often you don't know when times up
    Rest in peace Glenn
    My sincere condolences for losing your friend. Its a sad fact that as we all get older our time gets nearer, something you do not generally consider when you are in your 20's and 30's.
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    So true...
    noone ever had the dying regret of 'i wish i'd spent more time at the office'
    its over all too quickly

    sorry for your loss

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    Sorry for your loss mate

    A reminder for us all to make the most of every day, perhaps?
    A Man should be wise, but never too wise. He who does not know his fate in advance is free of care

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    Sorry for your loss of your pal,We say goodbye to one of our target members tomorrow, I liken it to all of us being on a train if you like, just some of us are getting off at different stops.
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    Today made me think how short life can be I hope I learn how to enjoy the moment
    Thanks for all your comments guys

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    I'm having a very nice life...... Im not as old as half the gits on here and not as young as I would like to be for the nice lass in the pub.....

    Must be about 7 years ago I lost my best mate and it is amazing how hard it hits you. You have to re evaluate your life and realise that the time to live is now. Not tomorrow. So I think I have a very positive outlook on life. Still gotta work and pay the bills but, I enjoy it as much as I can because I have no idea when it will stop. I cut out a lot of the crap and deadwood and just got on with being happy.

    there is pleasure to be had out of some of of the most simple of things.
    still wish he was about though and still miss him. A lot.
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    My condolences. Life is much, much shorter than any of us thinks.

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    So Sorry for your loss Shakey Jake, been there loads and loads of times but it still breaks my heart attending the funeral and meeting their family and relations.
    I have lost Two brothers and umpteen cousins and a great nephew to Big C and it never leaves you the feeling of loss But it does ease with time and time is not always wasted as we all have to make the most of our time here.
    An old quote my brother always uses "Here For a Good Time, Not A Long Time" and it certainly is true, Make the most of what we have and be glad for everyday that we have as nobody know's what's around the corner.

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    Life gets a little bit lonelier each year, the last but one of my generation on my fathers side of the family gets cremated in Germany tomorrow.

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