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Thread: Carcass preperation Units

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    Carcass preperation Units

    Does anyone have any experience of these things? They look really practical and look to take a bit of grunt work out of hauling a carcass about, not to mention hygiene etc. My only thoughts are do you take shot beast to the unit or the unit to the shot beast? Do you bleed the beast first or wait until you get it to the unit? I work on 30mins max to get beast bled and I'm more often that not more than 30 mins away from vehicle.

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    Just start bleeding ASAP then get your extraction unit to the animal as quickly as you are able.

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    I take carcass to prep station bleed it and whilst it's bleeding out I work on its ars end and back and front legs start to finish 15 minuets tops and lovely clean carcass . I have two one on the ground and one in the chiller with wheels attached hope this helps

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    Might be OK in some stalking situations useless in others.

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