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Thread: Wildlife you saw as a child but not now

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    Wildlife you saw as a child but not now

    Just getting ready to leave again to meet clients this evening for Roe and was thinking about all the different types of wildlife I used to see fairly regularly when I was a youth, but not anymore!

    For instance issued to see Glow worms...............havnt seen one for about 5 years now, nightingales..... don't hear them so much these days (although one permission I have near Petworth they are a regular visitor, however not so many this year.
    Common Lizards, don't see them so much these days either...........however I found a colony of them on the sea wall near where we live a few weeks back. That's the first time I have seen any for a good few years.

    Turtle Doves I have not seen or heard for many years, and yet about 20 years ago they were a fairly common summer visitor.

    On the other hand I found a Sparrow hawks nest about 50yds from where I stay on the estate, now a common bird but in my youth not so common, and Buzzards are everywhere.

    Maybe its me getting older, but some species seem to be disappearing quickly, whilst others seem to be gaining.
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    As a child I used to watch clouds of starlings swooping and turning , not anymore sadly?
    Right where's those stones , I'll start !

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    Hedgehogs has all but disappeared in my area to be replaced by large numbers of Badgers,Little Owls the same with a huge increase in Buzzards and my favourites the Newts are not showing in any real numbers since the Herons moved in. The only good news for me is the increase in deer numbers esp Roe.

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    Have not seen glowworms for years.On tuesday night I saw some when I sat in a highseat.I took my little daughter out last night to show her some before they dissapear again.

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    Saw, and heard a skylark last Friday. Becoming a rare event, sadly (for me, anyway). and the Pair of nightingales at Petworth last year was as good as Sonny Rollins at his finest...

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    Used to be kestrels on every power line and eels on every hook things are constantly changing now see a few oyster catchers around here

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    Lapwings ( hardly any here now )

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    not sure if i miss seeing them but adders on my favourite lake ,not seen 1 for over 20 years.hedgehogs are non existant now and the kestrel has been replaced by magpies ,hundreds of em.used to see the odd 1 or 2 but now theyre a plauge
    she buys shoes i buy ,shooting,she stops buying shoes,il be amazed

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    Loads of newts all kinds had jars full

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    Lapwings, Oyster catchers, curlews still around but only a fraction of the numbers there were when I was a youngster.

    Wild grey partridge, ( not hand reared) Black Game, true wild cats ( not feral cats) adders all common enough when I was a kid all becoming increasingly rare.

    On the other hand Buzzards a rare sight when I was a kid are now common, Magpie's while not rare when I was a kid are now in plague proportions.

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