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Thread: A successful morning with Robbo.

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    A successful morning with Robbo.

    Well after a pretty restless night, afraid of over sleeping , and arising at 02:00 was on the road heading for the Humber Bridge and Yorkshire at 03:00 arriving at Robbos at 04:50 and even remembered the way I had visions of having to phone him and getting directions .

    Anyway we loaded up and we off out to search for a Cull for me. Things didn't quite work out that was as we were just not seeing them. It took us three palces to finally spot any deer. The biting wind and the high grey cloud was keeping them well tucked up in cover. Robbo spotted a Doe then another but they were right on the edge of a farmyard so not shootable even if they had a Buck with them, which they did as we later discovered. So after watching them for a while we moved on to the next hedgerow and glassed again the ground now visable and Robbo spots a nice 6 pt but he is 350 yards away and walking away from us.

    Still early so we turned right along the hedgerow and followed it up to the next bit and again glassed. Suddenly a Buck appeared out of the hedgerow to our right about 230 yards away and walked towards us a bit then stopped to service his scrape and fray the branches. Boy did he kick some muck up he was really going for it and full of himself. A nice mature 6 pt, not massive but nice but out of my mearge budget so we just watched him do it again a bit further and getting closer.

    So a debate began as I asked the cost involved in taking this one. I had booked the day but Robbo said if I wanted to take this one and cancel this evening it is fine by me. I know I'll see you again and as shooting this 6 pt will clean out your budget so what will you shoot this evening? good point!

    Well Robbo had put the sticks up and I was watching him through the scope and after a debate in my head I took the shot, a bit late, at 125 yards . I say a bit late as just as the trigger broke he decided to turn and walk closer so the bullet entered raking backwards and burst the diaphram and destroyed the liver. Robbo has it on film and if he posts it would will see what I mean however he made it all of 12 feet and crashed. Time 07:30. On the way back to the truck the does had been joined by a couple of yearling does and a 4 pt in velvet .

    A couple of firsts for me involved here. This was my first 6 pointer (4 pt beign the biggest before) and my first time using the factory Federal Fusion 150 grain in .270 Winchester. Rifle was my 59 vintage BSA Majestic Featherweight Deluxe with a 3-9x42 Lisenfeld set on 6x. Photos will follow once I can get them lifted onto disc so I can post them. My Olympus is old and the software will not work with any OS newer than Win 2000 and my old card reader had given up the ghost .

    Time now to save up for the next outing.

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    Well done to you both i hope you treasure the trophy you have taken,and as they say a bird in the hand.

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    that is some post and brings back many memories
    the reality of it all is that you booked stalking and came away successfull
    it don't really get any better than that
    a lost stalk resulted in a better ending and one you will cherish for a blooming long while, trust me
    now where are the pics

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    nice one glad you had a good stalk this time,which rifle did you go with in the end?. all the best,wayne.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mereside View Post
    nice one glad you had a good stalk this time,which rifle did you go with in the end?. all the best,wayne.
    Oh dear Wayne slapped wrists:-

    A couple of firsts for me involved here. This was my first 6 pointer (4 pt beign the biggest before) and my first time using the factory Federal Fusion 150 grain in .270 Winchester. Rifle was my 59 vintage BSA Majestic Featherweight Deluxe with a 3-9x42 Lisenfeld set on 6x

    I knew someone would ask so I put it in the text.

    Now I just have to find someone to clean and prepare the skull as I cannot do that here a no-no as far as Mother is concerned and despite not agreeing with her I have to abide by her wishes. Before living in a one bedroomed flat in a block of 12 I could not do them there either for risk of upsetting soemone so this has always been a problem. Hopefully I can find someone and will ask around and perhaps they will agree to also do the 4 pt that's in the freezer still but that one won't be pleasent due to the fact it got fly blown. A friend was going to buther the carcase for me as it was hot (End of May) and I was working overtime covering part of another drivers shift due to an accident. Several days later when i asked him about it I get the whole carcase back with maggots .

    Seems he had not touched it and there were tiny maggots coming out of the nose. We are no longer friends. He offered, I accepted after asking if he was alright in doing it and I ended up losing a very nice carcase. It was the last straw between us I am afraid to say.

    Luckily I don't "Trophy" hunt so to speak so it's usually Does. I have had three heads done over the years, my first Roe Buck, a switch or Murder Buck, shield mounted bleached skull. The Muntie in the Avatar who was a real old warrior that a lot would not have bothered with and the Whitetail Buck which is another story. The 4 pt or one could possibly argue that it has 5 pts or almost another Switch?:-

    I thought worth keeping. To be honest it's been in the freezer so long I had just about forgotten about it. Time to sort it out .

    If anyone knows of someone willing and able to do the pair of heads, bleached skull on a shield in the Lincolnshire area then please let me know.

    Stone ........... sorry I have to go to town with the memory card as it's the old original "Smartmedia" type and it seems that just getting a card reader is now difficult I had a Flashpath reader but it's packed up and cannot get a replacement. The format it seems is too out of date . One day will have to replace the camera which is a shame as it's a good one. Olympus CZ2100UZ. I have to got to Boots or somewhere and put them on disc now.

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    if you watch closely you can see him turn as you fire causing the shot to hit "back"
    it could have happened to anyone.
    this was at 120m's or so think what it would have ment at 400 like some like to shoot at.

    and a photo
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    Well done, very bad luck that the buck moved as you fired. I can't wait to get up to Yorkshire next month....

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    Nice one chap's.
    I'll get my video camera out for the weekend and film you, see how you cope with the pressure

    I think Rich has already gone to bed ready for his early start out

    See you in the morning mate

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    well weve had bad luck this morning a buck which wouldnt present a shot back out tonight then bed for 3hrs and im on my way mate.
    see you in the morning if rich doesnt run off the road.

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    Thank you John,

    Yes it can happen to anyone but if I had not been debating on whether to shoot or not it would not of happened at all as I would have taken to shot earlier instead of just watching him sniff those branches.

    I think that is why I don't seem too happy in the photos I was not best pleased with my performance and it took the edge off.

    The head will be mounted and looking at him today his antlers are almost perfectly symetrical the right antler is about 3/16" longer in total length and it's brow tine is about 1/4" longer than the one on the left but they are both in identical positions and the back tines match. While it will never make a medal I don't think I can recall seeing one more evenly matched.

    Of course there must be some out there .

    Good luck for the weekend the weather should be a bit warmer with some sun that is if the weather chap on the TV is right for once.

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