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Thread: meopta r2

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    meopta r2

    Meopta r2 2.5x15x56,anyone on the forum using this scope ,what,s your verdict.

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    I've tried out the R1 version and that was a super scope,compared it to a Zeiss HT in daylight and it compared very well,couldn't say for dusk though. The R2 apparently uses more advanced coatings,so I can only imagine it would be up there with the best of them. Let us know what you think, if you buy one.

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    At the moment i,m using a meopta meopro on my 17 hornet compared it the other day to a swaro z5 in my eyes thought the meopta was better now i,m thinking of changing my duralyt for a meopta r2 to go on my 204 was hoping there was someone on here with the r2 to give me advice.

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    I have one buddy on top of my Sako 86 6.5 x 55, fantastic piece of kit really really well built and has immense light gathering. I bought it over a Z6i gen 2 and a Zeiss Victory HT as I preferred the Meopta to look through. The red dot is nice and crisp, zoom is smooth and at dusk its hard to beat!

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    Just bought an R1 3-10x50 and think at low light it's as good as my S&B 3-12x50. By all accounts the R2 is supposed to be even better. For the money what's not to like?

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    Me too not had a chance to lok through one yet but light transmittion is on par with the very latest Zeiss but considerably cheaper, picked up a 2015 Meopta catalogue at BFG couple of weeks ago.


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    I have the scope you (OP) mentioned. I do think it's a good scope. It has enough eye relief (r1 didn't) for me to be able to use it. With the rising prices of meoptas, whether the r2 is worth the money or not, I can not say.

    Technically speaking the r2 is a good scope. Good light gathering. Good dark/dark contrast. Adequate eye relief for reasonable magnums. The reticle illumination can be adjusted both bright enough for daytime and dim enough for night time use.

    Since everyone seems to praise the r2 I'm gonna go ahead and voice my issues with it. I have the 4K reticle and it's a bit tricky to use. It's much more picky, than a dot, on how bright you set it. It needs to be quite dim at night or otherwise your eye tends to focus on it even if you don't want to. The r2 also has tricky parallax IMO, in that at varying distances the reticle often seems to be slightly out of focus. Also to get your eye relief just right is not as fast and intuitive as, say, a Zeiss.

    It's hard to put my finger on it, but the aforementioned reticle-slightly-out-of-focus parallax issues and eye positioning aspects are worse IMO than even an older Zeiss. Using a Classic Diavari is much more effortless to me than the r2. With that said, I do think the r2 is a good scope. Especially for shooting animals in the dark (light gathering and contrast are phenomemal). I myself would not recommend it for long range shooting (though the x15 is tempting) in the daytime. I feel the lack of effortlesness in using the r2 probably detracts from ultimate precision. At least it does for me due to confidence issues and the fact the r2 doesn't work for me without me thinking about eye positioning and consciously forcing my eye to focus on the target.

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    Thanks for that, hoping to get a look through one next week and will give a cf to my Diavari when we gat out foxing .


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    Great scopes but go for 4k not 4c reticle

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    I have one on me 308, cracking bit of kit.
    No bother with either reticle of IR. Both clear as a bell.
    bought it for that last light shot, saved a fortune compared to other scopes..

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