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Thread: To a good home- cocker spaniel

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    To a good home- cocker spaniel

    Good evening all.

    You wouldn't believe how much I'd like to be able to not do this...

    Around 3 years ago my wife and I got a smashing cocker spaniel pup from good working pedigree. Very recently my working commitments have become too onerous, and a new addition to the family has resulted in neither of us having the right amount of time to dedicate to her.

    Simply, she's a cracking dog with loads of character and could not be more friendly. Which makes it difficult to consider parting with her. That being said, we need her to be active and get out a lot more than she does at the moment and it seems that the only way to achieve this is to consider a new home.

    At present we'd be interested to see if any active people amongst us would be keen to consider this.

    Your thoughts please...

    Thanks all,


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    PM Sent

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    hard desision to make but good on you thinking of the dog!!!!!! has the bitch had any gun work? is her tail docked ? i may be looking for a bitch as i had one of my chessies put down last sunday so i could really do with another picking up dog

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    Thank you all for you PMs and posts. I'll be able to put pedigree and photos in a response to each of you over the weekend, probably Sunday (working tomorrow).

    Thanks all again, very encouraging.


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    have you any photos mate

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    im looking for another cocker
    please keep me in mind also as i had to move the young bitch on i had as she kept fighting with my other cocker bitch

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    Dear all,

    Thanks to every one of you who posted and contacted me with a view to offering my cocker a new home. I've been quite overwhelmed by the number of responses. The decision to find our spaniel a new home has been a very difficult to come to but it is certainly the right thing to do for the dog.

    Thanks to to one member in particular who, along with his wife and other dog will be joined by Betsy in the near future.

    Not it sure how I'll handle giving her up to be honest but it's good to know that she'll be heading to a great home, with great people.

    Thank you.


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    Glad to hear she has another good home to go to.

    Goid I don you for doing the right thing by the dog.


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    Absolutely. Too many dogs get passed around, it's lovely to see in this case that a good solution has been found. Well done!

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    Quote Originally Posted by tuck1 View Post
    Absolutely. Too many dogs get passed around, it's lovely to see in this case that a good solution has been found. Well done!
    We've just had a similar bit of luck.
    Our dog was run over back in February.
    A family we know about indirectly, have a 7mth cocker which is too boisterous for their other dog and their 2yr old daughter so they are rehoming it.

    So here is our new addition who we get in 3wks time.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	image.jpg 
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    I want to call her Willow but I'm fighting against my youngest daughter who wants Lily.
    It's going to be a "sair ficht"

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