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Thread: Free standing wood burner hearth

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    Free standing wood burner hearth

    Hi folks
    Yes !.., sorry it's another wood burner query
    Move just moved & there is a gas fire with flame effect in living room.
    Hole thru wall horizontally to a flue up outside wall.
    I would replace that with double skinned flue but I'm unsure about hearth ... Wife and I both want a plain slate effect or similar no edging etc.
    I've read needs to be 860x860 I think & 12mm thick .
    Think the rear / back of fire had to be min 150mm from wall .... I've seen pics of freestanding without any rear hearth or vertical plinth on wall but I would have thought better with?
    Also how would you fix that to the rear wall without cracking or breaking?
    Any advice regarding free standing accepted


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    mine was free standing ,to be fair cast iron weighs so much i didnt see the need to fix it to anything.just ensure you seal your joints well,as youl know when it leaks .the fire seal that came with mine from machine mart was carp ,only lasted about 18 cement put it right.remember you cant turn it down so when youve windows open in winter cos the free wood from work,s burning brightly just go into smug mode
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    Sorry I was meaning how to fix the vertical slate hearth section. To the wall


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    Clear silicone or grip fix works best��
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    I have a woodburner about 20mm from the rear wall. The rear wall is lined with slate tiles - I used the same tile cement as I used for the slates on the floor under the burner. The fire works really well.

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    Just having a new wood burner fitted, with the new burners you don,t need to line the walls just a floor hearth, get a Eco flu if they do them ,no wasted heat .

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    my old one had stainless flat flange hooks that I painted with heat proof black paint as the back was dark slate with Lafarge fire check backing ,bit like mirror fixings as it was a pine summer house and just in case bit of a belts and braces job

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    I have just had a log burner fitted and its on 30mm thick black brazillian slate which I sourced from World of Stone, Bow Devon. Cost sub 100. The inside of the opening is lined with thermal board. This is painted black. If you wish to fix slate directly then you could use the adhesive that they use to fix plaster board, Alternatively consider using low expansion thermal foam which would more than do the job. Depending on the log burner it might not get that hot and the foamwill allow some minor expansion.

    If you pm me your e mail I can send pics of my installation


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    Slate is good to stand the stove on, but be cautious putting it behind or alongside where it might get pretty hot. Slate is made up of lots of thin layers and when it heats up it can blow apart, particularly if there's any moisture trapped in between the layers. It can go with quite a bang.

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