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Thread: Wanted - Laminated Stock for Sako 85S Finnlight .308 Action

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    Wanted - Laminated Stock for Sako 85S Finnlight .308 Action

    When time allows I'm trying to find a laminated stock to replace the current lightweight synthetic option on my Sako 85S Finnlight in .308. I'm looking at a Boyds option but their delivery timelines means I will miss the opportunity this time round. So if anyone knows of a stock that would fit the action please get in touch. Long shot I know (no pun intended) but if you don't ask you don't get!



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    I am in a similar position with my Sako 85s in 308. The action/Barrel is currently with Mike Norris who is working his magic, I would have thought the stock would be the easy bit...not so. I wanted a lightweight laminate so was drawn to manufacturers such as Boyds but after some deliberation taking into account delivery time v cost etc I narrowed the selection down to the KKC or GRS. As I have hobbit hands I found the GRS a bit of a stretch across the pistil grip, this left me looking at the KKC.
    Peter Jackson is the importer for KKC but does not have any in stock for the 85s action, one of Mike's team is looking into sourcing this stock but I get the impression it is not as easy sit should be easy to nail one down.

    Good luck,


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    Have you looked at Joe West ?

    Not the cheapest but I have heard one or two say that he is good and British too.
    It's the calibre of the shooter that counts not the calibre of the rifle.

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    I shot one of these the other day, very impressed. They have a push button cheekpiece adjustment

    I have KKC on my 85 M 270, only fault is with a big scope the cheekpiece is set high enough that it's neat getting the bolt out without adjusting the cheekpiece height every time you clean it. Both excellent stocks

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    I've had a look but they are all a fair old price - fully get that you get what you pay for though. I'm heading to the states in a couple of weeks so was thinking Boyds and bring it back but they can't guarantee delivery in time. Not sure how much work they would need to bed properly on return though despite being 'finished'.

    To confuse matters further it's a RH action but I'd like a neutral or LH stock.
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