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    Game covers

    Game plots looked mighty thirsty maize was up but looked stressed wild bird and nectar mixes were also below par ,reseeded a 2 acre plot thurs with a relief mix of forage rape radish mustard turnips Ect into a very dry seed bed then down came the rain arhhhhhh superb what's everyone's else's like around the country

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    7mm last night from a mighty crack of thunder - just what was needed. It seemed very localised - the farms to the west got more than the village...

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    Our maize is just doing nicely at about 6 inches tall and 2 or 3 leaves but in North Lincs I would think we were a few weeks behind you - cold and damp spring and early summer dealyed our drilling

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    More rain again on the game covers just what the doctor ordered had to spray again for the flea beetle yesterday ,probably need to slug pellet once more too .maize looks good but due to a new scheme (leaf) we have to move away from maize over the next few yrs .

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    flea beetle and slugs have been a real problem this year with us most had to be re-drilled second drill is making slow progress rain showers will help (I hope)

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    I was out yesterday spinning mustard on a couple of covers, a maize/sorghum mix is seriously struggling.
    Hopefully this steady rain wil have it romping away before too long.

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    I timed my maize well this year- probably 90% is waist high. Triticale was 50%- had to put the rest back into maize. Reed Canary grass was about 65-75% but that's kind of next years problem anyway. Then I re-drilled some (failed Reed Canary) strips with Kale and sunflowers. Probably 40% of the sunflowers survived but the Kale just didn't happen- it was way too dry and what did come got eaten.

    So mixed fortunes and glad I only gambled with 10% of my Acerage.

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