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Thread: First time deer dog

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    First time deer dog

    Am hoping to buy me first ever deer dog soon. I have seen GWP, GSP and BMH up close working with their owners when I have been out stalking with them and I have been impressed by them all. Of course this is mainly down to training and the bond between the dog and master and I hope to be able to come somewhere near the capabilities of those I have seen.

    Any pitfalls to watch out for????

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    purely a deer dog or a bit of rough/game shooting aswell , as that may sway better towards one or two types of dog ?

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    There are pitfalls on every dog and breed. Only you know what breed of dog suits your family and environment.
    Do you have a favorite in mind....?........dogs are as good as they are trained. I've seen arrons and they are great alround trained.
    I'm devoted to teckels as I'm asmatic and are ideal to my environment and health and are excellent dogs.
    Don't get sucked in by a tracking status dog. Teckels, labs, bmh and hwv's are.excellent, select Wisley and to what suits you.

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    The biggest pitfall when buying a GWP is................. if it doesn't grow as high as you thought it would, take it back, it's a teckel!!

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    Hungarian vislas ,but pricie. ive had dogs all my life and ive just opened a new chapter with mine

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